Considering Time-Share?


Always wanted to own a vacation home to escape to but just haven't been able to swing it? Deeded fractional shares, or Vacation Ownership might be the answer. From multi-national corporations to private individual sales, the options are seemingly infinite. Many people don't realize that even "time shares" are a type of real estate, governed by the Bureau of Real Estate in CA and other regulatory bodies in each state. Only trained and licensed agents may transact these properties for buyers through any type of commercial sale. However, inventory offered through one of the big players such a Marriott or Hilton are not always the best option:buyers are not represented by an agent or attorney, and their best interests are not a priority of the seller. While these companies may operate within the strict guidelines of the law, buyers often wind up over-paying for their shares and/or not truly understanding their rights and obligations. Any major purchase such as real estate should fit into your financial plan, have an exit strategy, and work for you over the long-term. Contact an experienced Agent today to learn more or get a confidential review of a prospective purchase.